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National Black Church Initiative Shuns Obama -- Danielle Hester -- Sep 27th, 2011

Says NBCI leader: All of Obama's policies are opposed to the black church

Rev. Anthony Evans, President of the National Black Church Initiative (NBCI), says black men are missing from the church, and if not brought back, then the black community will suffer. They are kicking off a national campaign Sunday to bring 10 million black men back to church over the next 10 years.

But Evans says there is one particular black man they are not calling home: President Barack Obama.

"We have nothing against him personally. It's biblical issues," said Evans. "All of his policies are opposing the church. Furthermore, he has done nothing about dealing with African American male unemployment in this country. If we continue to do nothing in our community, those black men will turn on us. Giving the social and economic issues of the country, this initiative may be saving this country."

The NBCI has launched partnerships with major black religious leaders and denominations to address serious issues facing African American men, including rising levels of incarceration and unwed fatherhood. It's also a direct response to the current state of unemployment among black men, who remain jobless more than any other group.

Evans says that if more black men were invested in the church, incarceration rates and the overall state of the black community will begin to show improvements.

"If the church doesn't step in and do something then our community will fall apart," Evans told Loop21.

The black church has been central to African-American culture for centuries. Yet many church officials note that there has been a decline in consistent black male churchgoers. Evans says there are a variety of sociological and psychological factors that prohibit African-American men from being consistent churchgoers, as well as better fathers and better members of society.


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